Trend Of Swimwear Theme In Summer 2020 – Nature

Friends, March does not lose weight, April is sad. More than half of March has passed. Have you lost weight? This brings us the theme trend of women’s swimwear in spring and summer 2020: nature.

Science and technology make life more convenient and diverse. Natural themes pay more attention to deep spiritual needs. Design, fabric and details pay more attention to emotion and consumer psychology.

Nature summary

01. Classic reappearance: the time-honored classic silhouette, printing absorb popular elements and modern design methods create a new style.

02. Diversified wearing rules: with the popularity of global travel concept and the growing demand for holiday clothing, more and more consumers love the clothing that can be worn together from leisure beach to bar and party.

03. Soft design: kink and cross design is sexy and charming, showing women’s soft and casual.

04. Show your true self: know yourself, affirm yourself, and don’t deliberately pursue the good figure and sexy image in the advertisement.

The concept of environmental protection has been recognized by the public. The design of environmental protection in spring and summer 2020 is an indispensable theme. Designers play creative space from green and recyclable raw materials, ecological dyeing and natural colors.

The style design pursues practical simplicity, and the color selects the practical and classic warm neutral color to create a classic and versatile market style.

Nostalgic style

Go back to the classic elements of swimwear in the 1970s, explore the modern and past lifestyle, sexy Brazilian bottoms and bikini are still important models to show women’s sexuality and charm.

The use of towel cloth brings a sense of nostalgia. The crocheted swimsuit is still the favorite series of music festivals and bars, with natural earth color as the main color.

New button design

Some consumers are tired of the regular and rigorous design, and the kink, fold and knot of the casual design inject new vitality into the swimsuit products.

Irregular and unsymmetrical modeling is the most commonly used design method of this theme. The oversized buckle design is atmospheric and eye-catching, and the kink and cross details show the charm and softness of women.

3D texture
In spring and summer 2020, swimwear fabrics will be more diversified, among which the use of three-dimensional mechanism fabrics will continue to grow.

The beach products made of 3D texture are the first choice when taking photos. The simple bra or triangle cup is not only recognized by the young market

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