Swimsuits – No Supermodel Body, Equally Well Dressed

In the hot summer, the poisonous sun is baking everyone tirelessly. Going out for five minutes is like two hours of exercise. You are soaked and can’t help but feel a little cool. The air-conditioned room is the home of many people. The swimming pool, even the beach, is the paradise of most people. Sun, sand, waves, cacti, and a goddess in a “sexy Robe” soothed the restless heart caused by the heat.


As a dry duck, I can’t swim, and I don’t know what the same swimsuit Taomei often recommends in the station is superior to others. However, I can still distinguish which swimsuit is cute, which swimsuit is sexy and which swimsuit is popular. For ordinary people, the main function of swimsuit is concave shape; in the swimming pool and on the beach, I don’t want to swim faster, just wear more beautiful.


However, a lot of valuable friends must say, “ah, this small chest, this thick leg, how to wear swimsuit is not good-looking”, “ah, the swimming circle at the waist blocks the way of my swimsuit goddess”, “forget it, I’d better wear one casually, and row in the children’s swimming pool” As you know, there are thousands of swimsuits in the world. As long as you choose the one that suits you, it’s not difficult to be a goddess. Now, Hua Xiaobian is going to choose some tips for the swimsuits of the fairies, and strive to develop their strengths and avoid their weaknesses; men can also move small benches to have a good listen and give the gifts they like, so that you can have a better holiday~


Swimming suit

How to choose the right SWIMSUIT? In the view of huaxiaobian, according to its own advantages and disadvantages, the swimsuit selected by developing strengths and avoiding weaknesses, and taking appropriate measures can achieve amazing results. Girls are more or less dissatisfied with some parts of their bodies (although in other people’s eyes, those so-called “shortcomings” are not problems in the clothing room, so spend small knitting on these parts, and talk with female compatriots about swimsuit purchasing skills. In fact, the selection of swimsuits is the same as the daily modeling. Only when they are carefully matched can they dominate the circle of friends.

1. For the chest

The troubles of Princess Taiping

Some women are worried because their breasts are flat, and they can still wear a bra of “breast augmentation” on weekdays. However, when they go to the swimming pool and the seaside, they are like “a deflated ball”. They are extremely depressed: when they watch the fake with more pads, they will show their true shape with less pads. In fact, little breasted girls have a higher sense of dress, less the vulgar taste of excessive flesh, and they are clear and cold. Girls who want their breasts to look more predictable can choose swimming suits with ruffles, folds and other elements. The appearance with fluffy feeling can increase the visual effect of their breasts to a certain extent.


Big chest is not good

Girls with full chests also have their own troubles: no matter what style of swimsuit, they will wear vulgar sensual feeling when they are not careful; moreover, the problem of sagging is often accompanied by the problem of large chests. In fact, it’s even more provocative to hold the lute and cover your face half, so that you can show it without vulgarity. If you don’t want to show mountains or water, you can avoid the style of hollow chest or deep V; if you want to keep a strong and stylish chest, you can choose a swimsuit with a steel ring; in addition, the style of hanging neck can also play a very good supporting role.


2. For the waist and abdomen

The swimming circle at the waist can be said to be the public enemy of the whole people. People are more or less trying to avoid or try to eliminate it. Girls who haven’t finished their weight-loss career this summer can also bask in their bodies. The one-piece swimwear can well hide the flesh, while the one-piece swimwear with hollow waist and abdomen is even more exposed and ingenious: the focus of vision is attracted by the colored swimwear, while the flesh at the waist is ignored, and the one-piece swimwear with “concave convex” cut can easily be mistaken as the original figure of women. This beautiful illusion can be used well. Vol.65: swimsuits are selected cleverly, with the effect of p-chart-no supermodel body, but they are also dressed brilliantly


3. For arms and legs

To decorate the arm line, the ruffle edge element is still one of the sharp tools. The fluffy shape covers the flesh on your arms, and prevents outsiders from peeping into your little secret. The arm strap design can achieve the same effect. The long sleeved swimsuit is a clean cover, which can show the long and thin arms, as well as the role of sun protection. It’s a tight package, and it’s like a royal sister.


When it comes to leg length, high split swimsuits and Strappy bikini bottoms are a magic weapon. The waistline has been improved, and the lines of legs have been lengthened in the visual effect; the high waisted swimming trunks can achieve the same effect. A little girl can try, maybe she can get a pair of long legs~

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