How To Choose A Swimsuit For Yourself?

It seems to be a painful and troublesome thing to choose a swimsuit. It is not easy to find a swimsuit suitable for your body. This article will tell you how to choose the swimsuit that suits you.

1、 Know your body shape

Body shape determines what kind of swimsuit you are suitable for. Measure your maximum hip circumference, minimum waist circumference and the fullest part of your chest for one week. These data determine the size and style of your swimsuit (refer to the above figure):

● pear shaped figure: if your hip circumference is significantly larger than waist circumference and bust circumference, you are likely to be pear shaped figure;

● Apple figure: if your waist is obviously wider than your hips, but it is close to your chest, you are likely to be an apple figure;

● hourglass figure: if your bust and hip are roughly the same width, but your waist is significantly smaller than them, you are a typical hourglass figure;

● banana figure: if the whole body is very thin, and the waist, hip and bust are not too different, you are a banana figure.


2、 Choose colors and materials that highlight strengths and mask weaknesses

The standard to judge a swimsuit is whether it can play the role of developing its strengths and avoiding its weaknesses. For example:

A kind of Choose bright colors or patterns to highlight your outstanding parts;

A kind of Choose solid colors to cover up areas you are not so satisfied with;

A kind of If your skin color is white, you can choose black or dark gem color, such as deep purple, deep blue and purple brown;

A kind of If your skin color is darker, bright colors can highlight the advantages and cover the disadvantages;

A kind of Increase the volume (such as chest and buttocks) and select a swimsuit with pleats in these areas;

A kind of Reduce the volume (such as waist), choose pleated fabric;

A kind of Don’t worry about the perfect fit of the split! For example, if you want to highlight the chest but cover the hips, you can choose a pure light or bright pattern for the upper body and a dark black or dark blue pattern for the lower body.


3、 Choose the right swimsuit according to the main purpose

If you plan to go surfing, a small belt bikini is not suitable because it’s easy to be washed away and very embarrassing. Bikini is more suitable for swimming in the swimming pool or lake, while split swimsuit is stronger and more secure. Sports swimsuits generally enhance their support through the selection of tailoring and fabrics.


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