2020 Swimsuit Trends Are All Here

As soon as summer arrives, it makes people want to go to the seaside and soak in the cool sea water to eliminate the excessive heat. At this time, bikini has naturally become the best weapon for girls. In 2020, what kinds of styles should be started without hesitation and brought to you first.

Essential style 1: classic one piece

Even bikini is more and more popular year by year. In addition to the single color selection of plain face, there are also more colorful designs such as printing and totem. If you are a novice, the first bikini can’t be wrong to choose a simple cut of the bodysuit, but also with denim shorts to become the most fashionable go out wear.


Essential style 2: basic strap

If you already have a bikini and have a little confidence in your figure, the basic bandage is the next style you have to start with. Through different color systems and tailoring designs, you can highlight your own body advantages, such as emphasizing the line design of the bust, or considering the totem embroidery to make the bust look more prominent. The colorful lotus leaf design also has the effect of amplification.

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Essential style 3: Sexy line

With a one-piece, two-piece bikini, you can choose a slightly different swimsuit. The breast is not so full-bodied girl, you can choose the upper body with cross line design in front of the chest, which blurs the vision of others and makes the chest more concentrated. In addition, this year’s necessary embroidery elements can not be missed


Essential style 4: plain lotus leaf

This year, such a flat lotus leaf design is very popular. It can not only make the bust look fuller and more romantic, but also make the patterns like printing and embroidery look more seasonal in summer besides the plain ones.


Essential style 5: flat lotus leaf

The last one is the one-piece bikini that emphasizes the waist curve. If the waist is meat, it’s not recommended to choose this kind of swimsuit. However, if the girl with a good figure, it’s recommended to start with one in spring and summer. The careful machine that reveals the waist will definitely make the other half itch



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